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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The quality of olive oil depends on many factors, some of which are the climate and soil composition of the olive grove, the variety of the olive fruit, the time and method of harvesting, and even the operating conditions of an olive mill. We always choose standardized extra virgin olive oils, as their characteristics and type are detailed on their packaging. Below we will see the categories into which olive oil is divided, according to its quality characteristics.

Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is the best quality olive oil with an acidity that does not exceed 0.8% per 100 grams. Its taste and aroma are reminiscent of the taste of freshly picked olives, however, depending on the variety we choose, we will have a different taste result. For this reason it may be useful to have two or three different varieties in our cupboard. It is extremely valuable for our health and our first choice in cooking.

Virgin Olive Oil

It has a mild aroma, pleasant taste and acidity that does not exceed 2.0% per 100 grams.

Olive Oil

It is a mixture of refined and virgin olive oils with less than 1.0% acidity per 100 grams. It is of lower nutritional value than virgin olive oil.

Lampante Olive Oil

It has an acidity greater than 2.0% per 100 grams and is not suitable for consumption. It is mainly intended for refining or refining as it is also called for industrial use.

Refined Olive Oil

It is obtained from the refining of virgin olive oils, while its acidity does not exceed 0.3% per 100 grams. It is inferior in level of vitamins and nutrients and is not particularly bitter, due to its lack of antioxidants.

Pure Oil

It is the result of the blending of refined pomace oil and virgin olive oils, except for lampade olive oil. Its acidity does not exceed

1.0% per 100 grams.

Raw pure oil

His name says it too. It is obtained from the kernels of the olive, after treatment with solvents or with natural means, or it is the oil that corresponds, with the exception of certain characteristics, to Lambade olive oil.

Refined Pure oil

It is obtained from the refining of crude kernel oil and the acidity does not exceed 0.3% per 100 grams.

How can we understand if the extra virgin olive oil we bought really meets its quality characteristics?

First, we observe its color, extra virgin olive oil has a greenish color, due to the high

of its chlorophyll content. In contrast, olive oil varieties produced from ripe olives have

golden color.

In terms of its aroma, extra virgin olive oil is reminiscent of freshly cut grass, while other

types olive oil usually has a milder aroma, often reminiscent of green apple

or almond.

Last and most important, the taste. A good quality extra virgin olive oil has an intense, fruity flavor taste. We try the olive oil plain to feel its taste in all its "magnificence". It must to slightly burn our throats like pepper. The slight burn is due to the high content of olive oil in a beneficial polyphenol, oleocanthal.

If the olive oil is "dull" and has a bitter or metallic taste, then it is not extra virgin or simply has get old.

Always store olive oil in a cool, dark place.

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