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A world of Great Taste ...

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100% Hellenic Natural Products

Mediterranean Gourmet Flavors

The idea of creating it

Amphoreus Intertrade, is

simple and at the same time very

earthy. To the privately owned

our olive groves in Boeotia

Earth, very close to

Delphi and Arachova

we discovered magic

of the extra virgin

olive oil.

The varieties, undoubtedly the

best in the world,

Koroneiki, Athinoelia, Manaki.

Separately or combined

between them, they offer us

different tastes.

Our desire to create

a separate range of flavors

organic products, led us

in search

refined flavors.

Starting our professional journey, we enriched our range with organic products of the Mediterranean diet. The range of organic products of

Amphoreus includes some of the most important gifts

of nature for man, olive oil and honey .

We collected them and we offer them to you ....


Aγίας Ζώνης 87 Αθήνα 11256
210 20 17 699   210 86 12 775

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